This body of work comes out of my recent experience of ovarian canver and chemotherapy. It began by painting “Fuck This” on a canvas I had around. “Fuck This” contains the only visual reference to my body in the form of an exxed out ovary. Though I wanted to express what I was going through, I didn’t want to make paintings that overtly referenced cancer. As it happened, the kind of growth I had had a cool name, a sex cord stromal cell tumor. Sex cord sounded more like the name of a band, than cancer and so I changed the spelling and used it in that light. I constantly thought about luck, how I had been lucky to have a rare form of ovarian cancer that can be caught early and how my survival seems somehow dependent on luck. Though luck and cancer were on my mind, it only struck me later that I was being drawn to symbols of good fortune, that I was painting cells, and that the African mask I had used in my work since grad school looks like a bald chemo patient. I had Britney Spears on Pandora most of the time and that inspired “I Wanna Live Fancy”. In terms of the installation, I want to include references to the hours spent playing “match three” games on my ipad, after the surgery, while getting chemo infusions, and in bed, recovering from them. I’m struck by how full of life, happiness, and rebellion these works are, though it doesn’t surprise me. I made a similarly optimistic body of work while going through another difficult life event in 2012, the death of my father. That body of work is called “Eleven” and can be seen on my site,