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Pencil In The Studio

Maria Calandra visited and drew my studio for her amazing blog, Pencil In The Studio.

Domestic Seen at The Nerman Museum, Kansas City, KS

Julie Blackmon · Matt Bollinger · Ramiro Gomez · Ezra Johnson · Thomas Keifer · Sean Lyman · Liz Markus
Domestic Seen focuses upon seven artists who employ interiors, objects and related “domestic” scenes to convey perceptions regarding varied experiences, immigration, celebrity, wealth etc. The seemingly mundane is imbued with critical content that resonates both locally and nationally. Featuring paintings, photographs, videos, drawings and sculptural works, the exhibition highlights a diverse range of people, places and objects.

Man Alive at Mauruani Mercier Gallery, Brussels

Curated by Wendy White
12.01.2017 to 25.02.2017
Gallery - Brussels - Belgium
Liz Markus, Wildfox USA, 2016, acrylic and collage on canvas
Nina Chanel Abney
Judith Bernstein 
Jordan Casteel 
Rosson Crow 
Rochelle Feinstein 
Keltie Ferris 
Joanne Greenbaum 
Liz Markus 
Marilyn Minter 
Nathlie Provosty 
Ruth Root 
Pat Steir
Kaari Upson
Wendy White 
Sue Williams 
Brenna Youngblood
Lisa Yuskavage
Julia Wachtel

The Artists We Know: Liz Markus

HGU Hotel studio visit video created in conjunction with the permanent installation of several Girlfriends of the Rolling Stones paintings in the hotel lounge.

Girlfriends of the Rolling Stones paintings at HGU Hotel, New York City

Multiple portraits of Jane Birkin and Bebe Buell are permanently installed in the Lounge at NoMad hotel HGU.
34 East 32nd Street
New York City